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On the occasion of the Statehood Day the Serbian Ambassador to Iraq H.E. Uroš Balov organized a reception at the Al Manosur Hotel great hall in Baghdad on Monday, 18h February. 

H.E. Uroš Balov and the Special envoy of the Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minsiter, dr Ali Cahem Chair, addressed the audience. During the speeches they emphasized the excellent bilateral relationship between two countries and underlined the opportunities for their further enhancement and development.

The reception was also attended by Iraqi officials, business people, representatives in the field of culture, sports, media, as well as those with whom we have working cooperation. Also, our citizens who are in Iraq, including business people working on projects in Iraq and our citizens engaged in projetcs with Ministry of Defence were present.

Furthermore, large number of former students in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia also attended this celebration.

Finally, there were representatives of the diplomatic corps, including representatives of regional and international organizations. In addition, representatives of the Iraqi Army also were present. 


Serbian Ambassador met Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ambassador Uros Balov congratulated the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, prof. dr Qusay Al-Suhail, on his recent appointment and wished him success in his work, especially given the importance of the department headed by him. He marked relations between the two countries as very good, pointing out that cooperation in the field of higher education is one of the most important segments in the long history of relations between the two countries. Also, he emphasised that there are many possibilities for improving cooperation.

Al-Suhail said that Iraq enjoys good relations with the Republic of Serbia for a long time and there is the basis for strengthening relations in various sectors, including the system of higher education and scientific research.

The Minister of Higher Education said that the ministry is keen to sign the  Memorandum of understanding between the Universities of Iraq and Serbia to exchange experiences and provide fellowships for Iraqi students to study in Serbia.

On behalf of the Serbian side ambassador expressed his country's readiness to expand scientific and cultural cooperation and provide facilities for Iraqi students wishing to study in Serbian universities.

Meeting of the Ambassador Uroš Balov with the First State Secretary in the MoI Akhil al Khazali

Ambassador Uroš Balov conveyed appreciation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the support of the Republic of Iraq during voting on the acceptance of the so-called "Kosovo" in Interpol. He has emphasised that Serbia greatly appreciates the principled support of the Republic of Iraq on Kosovo and Metohija issue, since this issue is of great importance for Serbia. He has stressed that their position is in support of the international peace and order.
Ambassador Balov assessed relation between the two states as very good, pointing down the  joint areas with potential of joint strengthening of cooperation. He has expressed hope that increasing number of Serbian companies will come to the Iraqi market.
Undersecretary in the MoI, Akhil al Khazali, stressed that the previous, as well as the new Government of the Republic of Iraq, are orientated towards cooperation and strengthening relations with other countries, especially those which were supporting Iraq for years and with whom, and with which there are traditionally friendly relations, among whom Serbia has one of the most prominent places. He has stressed that he highly appreciates contribution of Serbia in fight against terrorism, which, for Iraq, is a question of vital important. He has pointed out that the Republic of Iraq is very interested in improving cooperation, especially when issues of fight against terrorism and other security threats, stressing that Serbian expertise in these areas would be precious. Above all, he has praised activities of Serbia when border control is in question, as well as in the field of intelligence affairs and activities in suppressing organised crime. Likewise, they are also appreciating experts who are coming from the Republic of Serbia in the field of training, resources management, armament, as well as IT sector.

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