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H.E. Ambassador Branislav Žeželj

H.E. Ambassador Branislav Žeželj

Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Serbia in the Republic of Iraq

Date and place of birth: 1952. Belgrade, Serbia

Married, four childrens

Education: 2013. Ph. doctorate of Belgrade Megatrend University, Faculty of Biofarming, in the field of Amelioration of Devaste Soils in Vojvodina Region

                    2001. Ph. doctorate of Baghdad University, Iraq in field of Land Reclamation of anisotropical Soils of Arid Regions

                    1986. Master degree of Belgrade University, Agriculture Faculty

                    1977. Post graduate study of Alexander & Baldwin Agribusiness Center of Hawaii State USA

                     1976.-1977. Post graduate study of ILRY Institutu, Wageningen, Netherland

                     1971.-1975. Agriculture Faculty of Belgrade University, Soil and water management Dept.

                     1959.-1970. Primary and secondary school (Gymnasia)

Membership of Public and scientific bodies:

                     2015. Vice President of the Serbian asociation for soils Science

                     2013. Coordinator of Soil and Water management council of Serbia

                     2012. Vicepresident of joing Soil and Water management team of Serbia and Serbian Republic (B&H)

                     1991. Secratary general of YU Sociaty for soil Investigation

                     1978. Member of YU Sociaty for soil Investigation

                     1977. Member of YU Committee for irrig. and Drainage

Employment history

                     2020. Honorary Representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in Africa

                     2020. Europian university Brčko district, Bosnia and Hercegovina, professor

                     2020. Europian university Kallos - Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina, professor

                     2018. Partner and director of the Orgamed Farms Company Ltd. of Sudan, Khartoum

                     2015. Share holder of the Serbian- Romanian joint venture Company "Irritop Deal Ltd" - Temisoara

                     2012. Faculty of Biofarming, Megatrend University Belgrade, professor

                     2013. Consultant of "Alfa-Food" Company for East Europe

                    2012.-2014. Agriculture Minister Special Adviser for Soil and Water Management

     Since     2008. International Consultant for Irrigation and Land Reclamation, FAO UN

     Since     1991. Owner and Manager of "Meling" Private Company

                    1989.-1992. Deputy General manager Agriculture Combine Belgrade

                    1988.-1992. Manager of PKB Scientific Institute

                    1985.-1987. Main Designer of PKB Project Mangement dept. of foreign affairs

                    1982.-1984. Consultant for Field drainage systems of Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform of Republic of Iraq

                    1981.-1984. Executive Manger of Dujailah Agro-Industrial Complex, contracted and executed by PKB

                    1975.-1977, Assistent eng. for PKB Drainage System maintenance


English, French, Arabic


Significant publications:

                    - Scientific publications (60)

                    - Expertual publications, studies and designs (295)

 Additional notes:

                     - Member and one of the founders of SNS Political Party, established at 2008 yr

                     - Member of SNS Party Central Committee





H.E. Ambassador Branislav Žeželj